The American Women's Club of Oslo

Throughout the year, the American Women's Club of Oslo's activities focus on fundraising events. The term "fundraising" in our club is usually applied to efforts to raise money for the American Women's Club of Oslo Scholarship, our primary philanthropic activity. The scholarship began in 1947 when Josephine Bay, wife of U.S. Ambassador Charles Ulrich Bay, suggested that the American Women's Club (then primarily a social club) begin to raise funds for a scholarship to be awarded to a Norwegian student for advanced studies in the United States. She supported the fund-raising activities and generously matched the amount raised that year. The first AWC Scholarship of $1,000 was granted in 1949 to Erland Frisvold for study in International Relations.

The club began to award the scholarship every two years and a scholarship committee was formed to publicize the scholarship, receive applications, screen and interview candidates, conduct all correspondence, and award the grants.

The preferred fields of study have changed over time but are now:

-Women's health
-Children's health
-Geriatric care
-Preventative medicine
-Education for children/youth with special needs
-Public health

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The American Women's Club of Oslo Scholarship

-Applications must be submitted in English, except where otherwise indicated.

-Applications may be submitted via post or email. To send via post, the application must be printed and mailed to the following address:

American Women's Club Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 3138 Elisenberg
0207 Oslo

Note that application materials will not be returned.
To send via email, the application must be sent as a PDF attachment to

Applications must be received by the deadline indicated on the Scholarship Announcement page.

Questions about the scholarship and application process should be emailed to

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